Northwest Pennsylvania Investment Cooperative



Any Pennsylvania resident, 18 years or older is eligible to join the NWPIC by purchasing a Class A voting share and becoming a member-owner.

Businesses, non-profit organizations, and other groups can also invest in the NWPIC and appoint a voting representative. In addition to knowing your investment is working to build local wealth, NWPIC member-owners are eligible to:

  • Attend all NWPIC annual shareholder meetings and vote on bylaws and open board seats.
  • Purchase Class C and Class D stock to accelerate local economic development.
  • Earn dividends (as determined by the Board) on all shares.
  • Run for a seat on the Board of Directors (individual member-owners only).


a member

Ready to become a member-owner?

Ready to become a member-owner? Fill out this Membership Application and then purchase your Class A voting share below OR print and complete the Membership Application and mail payment to the address provided on the application form.

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    Membership and outreachFinanceProperty developmentGovernanceMentoring and development


    I understand that:

    1. I am purchasing a Class A Member Share in the Northwest Pennsylvania Investment Cooperative (NWPIC) for the price of $500, which entitles me to all the rights and responsibilities of membership as defined by the articles of incorporation, the bylaws, and policies adopted by the Board of Directors, as long as I am a member in good standing.

    2. A Member Share entitles me to only one vote, no matter how many shares of stock I own in NWPIC. All members are equal co-owners of NWPIC.

    3. I understand that NWPIC may deposit and hold my membership check pending final approval and acceptance of this membership agreement. If the agreement is not approved, the share purchase price will be refunded to me in its entirety.

    4. The success of the cooperative depends on member participation and active engagement. Member participation includes activities such as serving on committees or on the board of directors, supporting our business tenants, attending member meetings and voting in elections, reading emails, letters, and other communications from NWPIC, and providing my current contact information.

    5. Members are entitled to attend board and committee meetings and participate in discussions about projects and project planning. Member input and engagement are valuable and important parts of the process, but the Board of Directors is authorized to make final decisions about project development and property acquisitions.

    6. Dividends on shares are paid at the discretion of the Board of Directors if the Cooperative is sufficiently profitable. Only paid-in-full members are eligible to receive dividends. I will supply any information necessary for the Cooperative to issue future dividends, including my social security number.

    7. My membership investment is in the form of patient capital, and will be used by NWPIC to purchase, rehabilitate, and lease local commercial property. Because assets will be tied to real estate, its ability to redeem member shares and pay dividends will depend on the real estate market, prevailing rental rates and/or market prices, and the capital needs of the Cooperative to develop and maintain its property holdings. For these reasons, my membership should be considered a long-term investment.

    8. Upon notice in writing, I may request to sell my member shares (less any outstanding obligations) back to NWPIC. The Board of Directors will handle requests to redeem member shares according to the bylaws and stated policies. Repayment of my share purchase price will not occur until NWPIC is financially able to do so, as defined by the Board of Directors in its discretion.

    9. I understand that I may make a request in writing to cancel this agreement and receive a refund of my membership share anytime during the first fourteen days after the date of my signature below.


    After completing this form, you can purchase your Class A member share here.