Northwest Pennsylvania Investment Cooperative

Accelerating our Local Economy, Building our Community

Welcome to the NWPIC

The Northwest Pennsylvania Investment Cooperative (NWPIC) facilitates community investment in local real estate. Our mission is to expand entrepreneurial opportunities and improve the economic health of Meadville, PA and surrounding communities by purchasing, renovating, and then leasing commercial spaces to community-minded business and other social enterprises at an affordable price.

In the current economic environment, access to capital is limited, so aspiring small businesses and local entrepreneurs need new pathways to success.The NWPIC provides a platform where community members-- including individuals, businesses, non-profits, and other groups--can come together to invest in local economic development and build sustainable, community wealth.

The NWPIC is a for-profit, cooperative corporation. That means we are owned and governed by those who invest in our work.  We are run on a one share, one vote model, which creates a uniquely democratic and community-centered model of economic development.  While individuals and groups are empowered to invest at a range of levels in the cooperative's work, all member-owners get one vote when it comes to the governance of the NWPIC, ensuring that all member-owners have a voice in our work.